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About us.

We commit to deliver quality and excellence.

Welcome to AquaFleur International! We are a leading provider of aquatic plants, dedicated to offering high-quality plants. With a wide range of plant species, decorative plant solutions and sustainable retail options, AquaFleur caters to the needs of aquarists at all levels, providing solutions for creating stunning aquascapes. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous cultivation processes, innovative products, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

As part of the Aquatic Wholesale Group, AquaFleur collaborates with our sister companies to distribute premium aquarium plants to wholesalers across Europe.

We grow a wide variety of
lush aquarium plants.

Modern cutting-edge greenhouse
In our state-of-the-art 20,000 m² greenhouse, AquaFleur employs cutting-edge techniques to maintain the perfect environment for over 200 plant varieties, ensuring vibrant colors, strong roots, and lush foliage year-round. Our dedicated team of 80 employees excels in all aspects of aquarium plant cultivation, guaranteeing premium quality through meticulous monitoring of environmental factors and innovative lighting solutions.

Revolutionizing Aquarium Plants
Our revolutionary Aqua Plants Centre offers a self-service approach, saving costs and time for customers while supporting the environment. With a capacity of at least 225 plant species, our Aqua Plant Centre provides ample options to adorn your aquarium, ensuring there’s something perfect for every enthusiast. Plus, we offer a diverse range of decorations, including ceramic coconut shelters, providing ideal hiding places for shrimp and fish.


Over a million plants through
our state-of-the-art VITRO lab.

AquaFleur is dedicated to providing top-quality aquatic plants to customers through our state-of-the-art VITRO lab, producing over one million plants annually from more than 100 species. Our lab’s meticulous monitoring and regulation ensure optimal sterile growing conditions for uniform size, color, and health.

Recognizing the importance of thriving aquatic environments, our VITRO lab is committed to delivering the highest quality plants for quick adaptation and easy maintenance. Consider AquaFleur’s VITRO lab for all aquatic plant needs—we’re confident your customers will find the perfect addition among our extensive selection.

How AquaFleur International evolved.

AquaFleur works through
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

AquaFleur is aware of its social responsibility. We treat people, nature, animals, plants and our planet responsibly. That is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in our corporate vision. The Aquatic Wholesale Group regularly acts as a sponsor of charities in which the welfare of people, children and animals plays the main role.

We try to support several charities every year, such as the Food Bank and Children in Need. With our projects, we try to make a difference. Our thanks go to our team and all our customers who made this project possible!

Aquarium plants:

  • A wide variety of aquarium- and deco plants
  • 200 varieties with vibrant colors, strong roots, and lush foliage
  • Modern 20.000 m² Greenhouse Technology
  • Cutting-edge techniques for optimal conditions
  • Sustainable cultivation

Aqua Plants

  • Easy self-service approach for customers
  • Aqua Plants Centre boosts your turnover
  • Shelf life up to 3 weeks
  • Durable and avoids water waste
  • Informative plant labels
  • Easy maintenance

Easy Grow plants.

  • Ideal plants for Aquascaping
  • 100% Sterile plants
  • Cultivated in our modern VITRO lab
  • Hassle-free & easy to start with
  • Delivered in efficient small cups
  • Includes informative packaging
  • Low-maintenance and minimal upkeep