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Aquarium plants.

We cultivate beautiful, lush
top quality aquarium plants.

Supplied directly from Aquafleur.

Full in leaf

All our aquarium plants are lush and full in leaf. Our plants are cultivated under optimal conditions with precise atmospheric humidity, degree of acidity, and temperature. We also closely monitor the required nutritional values, making sure all plants boast vibrant coloration, robust growth, and a vigorous appearance, ready to thrive!

Ceramic ring

Each pot containing our aquatic plants features a meticulously placed ceramic ring to anchor sinking species securely. Crafted with precision, these rings serve as steadfast anchors, ensuring aquatic flora remains firmly rooted in the substrate.

Well rooted plants

Our plants come equipped with well-established roots. These robust roots facilitate seamless integration into desired substrates. We prioritize delivering specimens that ensure a smooth transition and optimal growth in aquatic environments.

Free plant labels

With all our plants we deliver, we provide a complimentary informative plant label. These labels offer valuable insights into plant characteristics and care requirements, providing customers with the knowledge to cultivate and maintain a thriving aquarium.

Deco plants

We take pride in our expertise in pairing various types of aquatic plants with suitable decorations. We harmoniously integrate our live plants with an array of decorations, including driftwood, shrimp homes, pots, columns, and stones. We strive to create harmonious and visually appealing aquascapes for our customers.

Easy to place deco plants

To simplify the placing process, some of our deco plants are equipped with suction cups, allowing for easy attachment to aquatic surfaces. This thoughtful feature enhances convenience and versatility, enabling customers to customize their aquatic environment with ease.

Carefully cultivated in
Our Greenhouse.

In our expansive 20,000 m² modern greenhouse, AquaFleur utilizes cutting-edge techniques to ensure optimal climate conditions for our extensive collection of over 200 plant varieties, each requiring precise care. Maintaining a controlled environment is imperative, with careful monitoring of atmospheric humidity, acidity levels, temperature, and nutritional values.

Artificial assimilation
Our use of artificial assimilation lighting allows us to consistently produce high-quality plants year-round, boasting vibrant colors, strong roots, and lush foliage, even during winter. Our commitment is to provide customers with a comprehensive selection of top-quality aquarium plants while fostering pleasant cooperation and continuity over time. Experience the difference with Aquafleur – both you and your customers will notice the superior quality of our products!


Quality ensurance and
doorstep delivery

Door to Door delivery
Our plants are distributed through our sister company Aquadistri throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France and Denmark. In many parts of the EU our own climatized and licensed trucks deliver weekly to our customers. In areas where we cannot deliver with our own drivers we work together with certified express couriers and use special packaging to ensure safe delivery.

Free plant labels with each plant
With every plant purchase, we include complimentary information labels featuring a picture, name, and care instructions. This added touch not only supports and informs our customers but also enhances their shopping experience by providing valuable guidance for their own customers.

Please be aware
of the environment

Wasteplants disposal

Always inform your customers that any wasteplants need to be disposed of appropriately. Do not dump aquatic plants in the wild.