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Easy Grow Plants

Ideal plants,
for Aquascaping.

Unique features & instructions for use.

Over 60 species

Explore our extensive range of Easy Grow plants—a simple solution for transforming aquariums into a lush and vibrant paradise. Ideal for customers seeking an effortless way to enhance their aquatic environment, Easy Grow plants from our VITRO lab are the perfect choice!

100% Sterile plants & safe for fish & shrimps

We meticulously monitor and regulate the environment within our VITRO lab, ensuring optimal sterile conditions for plant growth. Our quality extends to ensuring that our plants are 100% safe for both shrimp and fish, making them the ideal choice for aquatic environments!

Informative plant labels

Each Easy Grow plant is accompanied by its own label. These labels offer valuable insights into plant characteristics and care requirements, providing customers with the knowledge to cultivate and maintain a thriving aquarium.

Easy instructions

Easy Grow offers a smooth start with easy-to-follow instructions, simplifying our customer’s process of getting started with new plants. This ensures that they begin on the right foot with their care and maintenance.

Step 1: Preparation

Each plant comes with its own label that includes basic maintenance information and tips. This makes it easy to get started on the right foot with your new plants.

Step 2: Trim the plant to size

Cut the plant into approx 6 to 8 parts using sharp scissors.

Step 3: Plant the plant

Plant these into your substrate using tweezers and watch them develop within your AquaScape.

Welcome to our
revolutionairy VITRO Lab.

Dedicated to to excellence
AquaFleur is dedicated to offering the finest aquatic plants to our customers. Our state-of-the-art VITRO lab produces over one million plants annually, encompassing more than 100 different species.

What sets our VITRO lab apart?
We meticulously monitor and regulate the lab environment to ensure optimal sterile growing conditions, resulting in plants that are uniform in size, colour, and health. Our EasyGrow plants are accompanied by plant labels containing essential maintenance information, making planting and care a breeze.

At AquaFleur, we recognize the importance of thriving aquatic environments. That’s why our VITRO lab is committed to providing the highest quality aquatic plants. With our plants, you can trust they’ll adapt quickly and be easy to care for aquatic environments. Consider AquaFleur’s VITRO lab for all aquatic plant needs—we’re confident your customers will find the perfect addition among our extensive selection.


Quality ensurance and
doorstep delivery

Door to Door delivery
Our plants are distributed through our sister company Aquadistri throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France and Denmark. In many parts of the EU our own climatized and licensed trucks deliver weekly to our customers. In areas where we cannot deliver with our own drivers we work together with certified express couriers and use special packaging to ensure safe delivery.

Free plant labels with each plant
With every plant purchase, we include complimentary information labels featuring a picture, name, and care instructions. This added touch not only supports and informs our customers but also enhances their shopping experience by providing valuable guidance for their own customers.

Please be aware
of the environment

Wasteplants disposal

Always inform your customers that any wasteplants need to be disposed of appropriately. Do not dump aquatic plants in the wild.