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Dutch grown, top quality plants 
delivered from AquaFleur.

The Netherlands is renowned worldwide for producing the best quality agricultural products, with this spirit to quality and excellence AquaFleur International is located in Maasland, the Netherlands. Here, where we grow the best quality aquatic plants for our wholesalers and retail customers throughout the world.

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range of plant varieties.


We operate with
cutting-edge facilities.

At AquaFleur International, our expansive 20,000 m² greenhouse complex is where our plants flourish. Equipped with cutting-edge horticultural technology, our greenhouse employs modern techniques to ensure the ideal climate for over 200 plant varieties, each demanding precise treatment and attention. Maintaining a controlled environment for our plants is paramount.

Our mission is to consistently deliver a comprehensive selection of top-quality aquarium plants year-round while fostering enduring partnerships and seamless cooperation. Experience the distinction firsthand—both you and your customers will notice the unparalleled quality we provide!

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AquaFleur International.

At AquaFleur International, quality is our commitment! Our skilled team ensures excellence from potting to climate control, meticulously monitoring conditions for optimal plant growth. With artificial assimilation lighting, we guarantee premium products year-round. Experience the difference in our vibrant aquarium plants.